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    Khans of Tarkir Teaser - Gifs

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    Apparently prints of the Swedish book covers can be purchased here.

    wow they are beautiful!

    oh my god

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    The Ladies of GP Taipei

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    Three spoilers from SDCC. Holy crap I can’t even. Not only do we have a Teferi card (POC!) but he can be used as a Commander! That’s crazy! The two new legends aren’t bad, either.

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    Decided to repost the set of all three Eldrazi because they just need to be together in a single post.
    I’m still really fond of them and the gold plating, hopefully I’ll be able to do more of those in the future!

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    WHERE are they getting this stuff !!

    By Lauren [tumblr]

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    REBLOG If you’re not widely known in the fandom! Let’s spread the word!


    I’m looking through the notes on this and finding new blogs to follow. : D

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    Lindsey Look’s Diamond Cycle

    • Marble Diamond
    • Sky Diamond
    • Charcoal Diamond
    • Fire Diamond
    • Moss Diamond

    12 in by 9 in, oil on illustration board

    If you liked this, check out the Mox Cycle by Volkan Baga

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  10. gavinverhey:

Not pictured: my Niv-Mizzet. #magic #mtg #empmythandmagic


    Not pictured: my Niv-Mizzet. #magic #mtg #empmythandmagic

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